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Jack is back, baby!  After rumours last week teasing that it might happen, Fox officially announced the return of one of the greatest action heroes of all time. As opposed to one of the worst action heroes of all time. Jack Bauer is set to return in May 2014 in a 12 episode limited series [...]

HOLY.  CRAP. As if my Friday wasn’t great enough with news that Parks & Recreation has been renewed and cacophonous vanity project and horrendous sitcom Whitney has been cancelled — now comes word that the Fox network is talks with Kiefer Sutherland about bringing back his counter-terrorism badass alter ego Jack Bauer to the small screen [...]

The TV upfronts are here, which means that sleazy network executives are hard at work this week hawking their upcoming programming to the press and every major advertiser they can. First out of the gate was NBC, and boy, does their slate of shows look just plain awful. I’m talking Homeboys in Outer Space awful. [...]