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NBC’s new post-apocalyptic action-adventure series¬†premiered last night, and based upon the network’s track record when it comes to sci-fi & fantasy serialized storytelling, Revolution should be a big pile of suck. Exhibits A, B, and C. However, unlike its predecessors, Revolution has some serious behind the scenes creative firepower — the show is created by [...]

Comic Con 2012 is underway! ¬†And while I missed out on Preview Night in 2011, this year I got the chance to score sneak peeks at the pilot episodes of some of the Fall’s most anticipated new TV shows. Thankfully this insipid pile about a stupid vet and his monkey sidekick wasn’t on the list. [...]

The TV upfronts are here, which means that sleazy network executives are hard at work this week hawking their upcoming programming to the press and every major advertiser they can. First out of the gate was NBC, and boy, does their slate of shows look just plain awful. I’m talking Homeboys in Outer Space awful. [...]