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The fall television season is in full swing, and despite the usual amount of crap, there are actually a few bright spots this year. This festering pile of banality is not one of them. As I’ve mentioned before, the CW’s action drama Arrow is a particular standout, and deftly manages to pull off a real world gritty comic [...]

The best show on television (and ever, in many people’s opinion) has returned and aired the first two episodes of its eight episode summer run.  Not surprisingly, so far it has been absolutely brilliant. Sadly, not all summer TV is. Without going into spoiler territory, the season premiere began with a mind-boggling ominous flash-forward, before [...]

The fall TV season is upon us, and, as usual, the ratio of crap to quality is staggering. However, every now and then a program pops up that isn’t a soulless pile of drivel that’s more recycled than the premise of an upcoming Adam Sandler comedy. Forget Jack & Jill — this should be the [...]