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The 2013 TV network upfronts have come and gone, and just like last year, the deplorable NBC is once again putting forth a pathetic slew of crap save for a single promising show. This isn’t it. What’s most concerning is that NBC’s best looking show last year, Revolution, stumbled greatly after a promising pilot episode [...]

NBC’s new post-apocalyptic action-adventure series¬†premiered last night, and based upon the network’s track record when it comes to sci-fi & fantasy serialized storytelling, Revolution should be a big pile of suck. Exhibits A, B, and C. However, unlike its predecessors, Revolution has some serious behind the scenes creative firepower — the show is created by [...]

Comic Con 2012 is underway! ¬†And while I missed out on Preview Night in 2011, this year I got the chance to score sneak peeks at the pilot episodes of some of the Fall’s most anticipated new TV shows. Thankfully this insipid pile about a stupid vet and his monkey sidekick wasn’t on the list. [...]